Photo by Zbignew Komorowski

ArtCello festival launched in June 2018 follows a great multinational tradition of such prominent cello festivals as the Super Cello Festival in China, Cello Biennale Amsterdam in Holland, Kronberg Cello Festival in Germany, and many others.

From its very first festival, ArtCello was fortunate to have had as guests a number of renowned cellists and professors among which are:
Through the years the festival enjoyed great success – it was praised by the public, the press, and the music schools, and became a true performance jubilee for all admirers of the cello music.
This September ArtCello Festival 2023 will visit the countries of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
ArtCello 2023 will have as its distinguished guests such amazing cellists and teachers as:
Our goal is to bring together Swiss cellists and cello players from around the world to give the public an opportunity to enjoy the music by the true cello masters.
ArtCello Festival 2023 will be held in some of the most prestigious concert halls of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This will be a great opportunity for us to work together with wonderful orchestras and the leading music schools of these great nations.
As part of the ArtCello Festival 2023 young cellists and cello students will get the opportunity to attend a number of master classes and music seminars.

I would like to thank my colleagues and friends for their never-ending enthusiasm, creative input, and great support in organizing ArtCello Festival 2023. Speaking to our wonderful audience, I want to assure you, my dear friends, that the festival with its diverse roaster of events will touch every single soul of our visitors. Festival Founder Professor Denis Severin

Founder of ArtCello Festival
Professor Denis Severin